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Submitted by admin on November 22, 2021

Fisheries Management

The puprose of the branch is to promote the development, management, monitoring and sustainable use of marine living resources and the development of South Africa’s fisheries sectors. Sustainable livelihoods will be achieved through aquaculture growth and fisheries economic development. There are six sub-programmes driven within the brach, namely Aquaculture and Economic Development, Fisheries Research and Development; Marine Resource Management and Monitoring, Control and Surveillance, Fisheries Operations Support and Financial Management.


  • Aquaculture and Economic Development: Will ensure aquaculture growth and fisheries economic development for sustainable livelihoods by providing public support and an integrated platform for the management of aquaculture.
  • Fisheries Research and Development: To ensure the promotion of the sustainable development of fisheries resources and ecosystems by conducting and supporting appropriate research.
  • Marine Resource Management: Ensures the sustainable utilisation and equitable and orderly access to the marine living resources through improved management and regulation.
  • Monitoring, Control and Surveillance: Ensures the protection and promotion of sustainable use of marine living resources by intensifying enforcement and compliance.
  • Fisheries Operations Support: The provision of support services in order to ensure the effective and efficient management and administration of the Branch: Fisheries Management and the Marine Living Resources Fund.
  • Chief Financial Officer: The provision of financial management for the Branch: Fisheries Management and the Marine Living Resources Fund.

Strategic objectives

  • Ensure increased production and productivity in prioritised areas as well as value chains.
  • Lead and coordinate government food security initiatives.
  • Ensure the conservation, protection, rehabilitation and recovery of depleted and degraded natural resources.

The department plays a significant role in Operations Phakisa (Oceans Economy) with ongoing technical support being provided to aquaculture projects in phase 1; 2, 3 and initiative 5 of Operations Phakisa (Oceans Economy) on governance.


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