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Submitted by admin on November 18, 2021

Regulatory Compliance and Sector Monitoring

The Department has, over the years, facilitated the development of progressive environmental management legislation and frameworks, which we continue to review and enhance where necessary. In recent years we have made a conscious decision to focus our efforts on implementation, monitoring compliance and taking enforcement action against transgressors.

Improving compliance with related environmental legislation remains a key area of focus for Legal Authorisations and Compliance Inspectorate. This is done through continued implementation of various interventions aimed at ensuring that we deal effectively with the growing trend of non-compliance and non-adherence to the existing environmental legislative framework.

Purpose and functions


To promote the development of an enabling legal regime, licensing/ authorization system that will promote enforcement and compliance

  • To provide a high quality legal services that enables DFFE to protect and conserve the environment
  • To provide an effective and efficient legal service support to enable Department to deliver on its mandate 
  • To strengthen, enhance and coordinate the environmental regulatory framework related to environmental impact management 
  • To promote compliance with environmental legislation
  • To enforce compliance with environmental legislations
  • To provide cooperative governance and administrative support to the office


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