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Call for all relevant waste tyre processors, pre-processors, secondary industries, and exporters to register with the Waste Bureau for supply of waste tyres

ERRATUM: The advert that appeared on the 26th of Feburuary is hereby cancelled, and is being replaced with the following advert:

The Department of Environmental Affairs has been implementing a Waste Tyre recycling programme through the Waste Bureau division. The Department wishes to make tyres available to persons or companies who are in good standing with the state and who will use the tyres to advance the objectives of the department viz. recycling and reuse in a manner that does not harm the environment.

Tyres will only be made available to waste tyre processors (recycling and energy recovery), pre-processors (e.g shredding for subsequent use in an energy recovery facility), and secondary industries (re-use) who already have existing operations or will be ready to commence operations within one year from date of registration. Tyre supply to exporters will be subject to prior approval by the Minister in accordance with Waste Tyre Regulations, 2017. Tyre supply will be subject to availability on a first come first served basis. Qualifying applicants will be encouraged to collect the tyres from the storage depots. Where feasible, the Waste Bureau may arrange transportation subject to transportation and budget availability.

In order to be considered for this supply, qualifying participants will be required to submit the following:

  • Personal or company particulars including name, address, telephone number, email, ID Document/ Company Registration Certificate.
  • A valid tax clearance certificate proving that applicant is a registered taxpayer in good standing, and PIN
  • BEE Certificate.
  • Proof of registration on the National Treasury Central Supplier Database (CSD).
  • Ministerial approval (for exporters)

Conditions of the supply are as follows:

  • Tyres supplied must only be used for the intended purpose (i.e. processing, pre-processing, re-use, or export).
  • No fees of any kind will be payable by the Waste Bureau for the tyres supplied
  • Qualifying applicants will be encouraged to collect the tyres from the storage depots. Where feasible, the Waste Bureau may arrange transportation subject to transportation and budget availability..
  • Qualifying applicants will be required to submit on a monthly basis processed, pre-processed, re-used, and exported volumes as well as remaining stock levels to the Waste Bureau, in a form to be prescribed by the Waste Bureau
  • The Waste Bureau will have a right to conduct unannounced inspections to verify stock levels and that tyres are used for intended purposes
  • In addition to registering in the National Treasury CSD, applicants must also register with the Waste Bureau, and the registration forms (and the required documentation that must be submitted) can be downloaded at  or alternatively requested at any of the following email addresses: or
  • In addition to the above conditions, the following information will also be required in the forms:
    • Operational site location and confirmation that it already exists or will be ready for operation within 1 year of registration
    • Tyre types required
    • Quantities of tyres required (per tyre type) per month
    • Description of how the tyres are going to be used (e.g. pyrolysis, crumbing, energy recovery, shredding, bomas for game farms, etc)
    • Copies of all relevant approvals/permits/certificates, where applicable (E.g. Waste Tyre Permit)

Below is a table showing available tyre categories in order to guide requests for waste tyres.

Passenger (baled or loose) Available
4 x 4 (baled or loose) Available
Light Commercial Availalble
Radial Truck Very limited availability
Nylon Truck Available
Agricultural Available
Industrial Available
OTR Available
Aircraft Limited availability
Motorcycle Available

Download the » registration form [PDF - 552 kb]

Download the SBD forms » SBD4 and SBD 8

The Department reserves the right to decline participation in this scheme should it deem the use of the tyres environmentally inappropriate, or in circumstances where the applicant is not in good standing with the state.

For enquiries please contact:
Andile Mvinjelwa
Tel: 012 399 8786
E-mail: ;


Please note that the Department reserves the right to close this concession should the circumstances so require (for new applicants not registered at the time of closing).


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