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The section of the website provides information or documens pertaining to previous reports (other than departmental annual reports) on projects ran by the department and reports on general environmental related issues mandated to the department. Reports that are found in this section include and are not limited to: the recently launched National Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Report, State of Air Report and the Economic of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Report



The sections of the website provides information or documents pertaining to previous annual reviews, 10 year review and 15 year review. Annual reviews to be found are those of 2006 / 2007, 2007 / 2008 and 2008 / 2009


Minister Creecy vs Various small-scale fishers and fishing communities 

The facts described in this affidavit fall within my personal knowledge, unless I state otherwise, or the context makes it clear that they do not. The facts are to the best of my knowledge true and correct.


Related documents:

Annexure A: founding affidavit
Annexure BD page 184-188 
Annexures BC 1-3 page 189 -261
Verrfication report: Ad hoc project BC 4-6  page 262-308

Business Plans

The section of the website provides information or documents pertaining to previous business plans of the department . Available business plans are those of 2002 / 2003, 2003 / 2004, 2004 / 2005 and 2007 / 2008



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